Friday, May 11, 2007

no good advice

I think I'm quite misunderstood sometimes. I hope that in time people will look back on my work and see the good that I did, like they have with Jesus. Not that I'm saying I am Jesus, I'll let you decide that for yourselves. Well last night I was in the late shop deciding which 2 frijjs to get for the price of one (I went for 1 banana and 1 chocolate) and I heard a bang to my left and a boy of about 11 (-ish??) had dropped a ready meal spaghetti bolagnese on the floor. unfortunately for the small boy the film lid had come off and spread the contents across the floor. I thought this was quite funny so stopped perusing the Frijjs to enjoy the moment. Rather than try to discretely leave the scene of the crime the boy started to gather the contents together into a pile, covering his hands and sleeves in tomato sauce. He scooped it back into it's plastic container and tried to find a space in the chilled area for it, in doing so spreading tomato sauce over the shelves and neighbouring food items. This is the bit where my intentions were misunderstood, I started laughing at him. It wasn't a mean laugh, just a bit of a general , well, laugh. He turned to me and I said "I think you're wasting your time there". Looking as though he was about to cry he immediately put the container back on the floor and placed the cardboard sleeve on top of it as though no one would notice, nevermind the sauce on his hands and sleeves and the shelves and other items. What a fucking twat.